“NEXTech’s machine and service quality has been second to none. They have actively assisted us in making the highest use of the machine and have never left us to reinvent the wheel. The machine and Nextech’s superb support equips us to expand our product line and grow our business.”
Arch Adams, Owner
FunSpot, Hartwell, GA
“I can’t say enough…. I met NEXTech at the IWF show in Atlanta, and honestly, I was there to buy a different product. I just kept coming back to their booth. The NEXTech CNC was so affordable, even though it had all the same HSD motors and other parts that the other machine had. Their technician was here right away for set-up, and they are honestly concerned about us, even though we haven’t had a single problem with the machine. It has been a really pleasant experience.”
Tim Brown
Tim Brown Construction LLC
Pagosa Springs, CO