Planer Sander


Planer Head – Sander Head – Combination Sander Head

With an abrasive belt size of 52″ x 86″ and a 40 HP planer motor, this planer-sander is a solid machine ready for heavy-duty production. With Siemens electrical parts and heavy casting used on sanding and pressing units, plus well designed features, the NEXTech planer- sander is the workhorse of the S Series.

Standard Features
Heavy-duty planer sander for increased stock removal
Planer, contact roller, pad
Available 43″ or 51″ wide
Helical head for planning, easy knife changer over
Powered table rise and fall

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General Specifications

Maximum working width:
Maximum working length:
Working thickness:
1/2" - 6 1/4"
Feeding speed:
16 - 98 fpm
Total power:
106.5 hp
First sanding unit motor:
40 hp
Second sanding unit motor:
30 hp
Third sanding unit motor:
30 hp
Feeding motor:
5 hp
Lifting motor:
1 hp
Brush motor:
0.5 hp
Hardness of first roller (shore):
Planer cutterhead
Hardness of second roller (shore):
Hardness of third roller (shore):
Diameter of first roller:
Diameter of second roller:
Diameter of third roller:
Abrasive belt size:
52" x 85"
Air pressure:
90 psi
Volume of dust collection device:
Overall size:
80" x 123" x 89"
12,900 lbs

for Machine Specifications

Control – Numerical control pad for easy set up. Amp meters for each working unit to allows workload to be easily seen. E-stop conveniently located.

Head configuration – Planer head with steel helical head, sanding unit and combination sanding unit. Double-pressing rollers for constant feeding of work piece.

Air jets and belt change aid – Air blast keeps belts clean for longer life. Belt change is made easier with belt adaptor.

Over thickness safety device

Siemens electrical components – Allows long lasting service life. All components easily labeled for identification. Easy access to electrical cabinet, making maintenance an easy task.

Accessibility – Machine easily accessible from both sides.

Heavy-duty engineered mono block

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