Beam Saw RS-8/10/12


Precision helical rack and pinion drives ensure smooth and dynamic running even at the highest speeds, at the same time reducing noise to the minimum.

Main saw motor is linked to the saws by V-ribbed belt that results in the clean precision cut.

Saw blades are easy to be loaded and unloaded in an efficient manner.

General Specifications

Cuting Dimension106.29"x106.29"x3.14"129.92"x129.92"x3.14"149,92"x149,92"x3.14"
Saw Carriage Speed192-3144 in/min192-3144 in/min192-3144 in/min
Main Saw Motor15 KW ( 20 HP )15 KW ( 20 HP )15 KW ( 20 HP )
Scoring Saw Motor2.2 KW ( 3 HP )2.2 KW ( 3 HP )2.2 KW ( 3 HP )
Main Saw Dimension14.90"x0.17"x2.36"14.90"x0.17"x2.36"14.90"x0.17"x2.36"
Scoring Saw Dimension7/08"x0.17"-0.21"x1.77"7/08"x0.17"-0.21"x1.77"7/08"x0.17"-0.21"x1.77"
Air Consumption150L/min150L/min150L/min

gray-check-mark = standard

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