Edgebander 200

The EB200 offers a lot of machine for the investment. This machine has a heat treated strong solid frame, which guarantees its stability and excellent finish quality of the final product.

Standard Features
Synchronized feed
Multi speeds
Touch screen control
Heated guide fence
Heat treated solid frame

General Specifications

Panel Width, min:
2 3/8 in
Panel Thickness, min - max:
½ in (12mm) – 2 3/8 in (60mm)
Edge strip thickness:
1/32” (0.4mm) – 1/8” (3mm)
Feeding Speed
2 speeds, 40 ft/min and 65 ft/min
Air Pressure:
87 psi
Total Power:
11hp (8.03kw)
2,500 lbs
Overall Size:
11 ½ x 3 x 5

for Machine Specifications

Control – Touch screen control with a very simple interface allow the operator to simply run the machine. Glue temperature digital display shows when it is ready for operation. Power on, heater and lamp switches, as well as E-stop centrally located. Error information will be displayed on the touch screen to help troubleshooting.

Glue station – Glue pot with integrated heater, conveniently located for easy access.

End Trim – After applying the glue and the tape to the edge, this unit trims both ends accurately and with an excellent quality cut.

Buffer Station – At the end, two rollers get final finish for a smooth and high quality surface.

Synchronized Feed – Allows the edge banding tape to be fed consistently to the surface of the material. The rotating drive runs at the same speed as the feeding belt, ensuring no missed edges and therefore no need for re-work. This feature is normally reserved for higher end models, but at Nextech we feel this is a compromise in quality we are not willing take.

Automatic Feed Table – For easy introduction of material into the edge banding process.

Top and Bottom Trim – Both sides get trimmed to a perfect fit.

Heated Guide Fence – Heated fence will help to glue adhesive to cure faster by warming the material edges before the panel is fed into the machine. This feature is normally reserved for higher end models with other manufacturers, but at Nextech we feel is an important option at any level.

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