V300 Vertical CNC Router

Total versatility in a compact format, the V300 vertical CNC router is the ideal machining center for your shop. Standard drilling, grooving and routing gives the machine flexibility and the precision engineered frame ensures a quality finished component very time. Simple to operate with zero set time due to the grippers controlling the component.

Ideally suited for just-in-time production and batches of one off, the V300 vertical CNC router will bring your company to new levels of efficiency at a surprisingly inexpensive price.

Video Coming Soon.

General Specifications

V300 Series
600 - 410
600 - 417
HSD spindle 6 hp
Max size of panel
98” x 35”
Min size of panel
8” x 2 ¾ “
Tool holder
IS0 30
Drill bank 9v + 6h + 1 saw.
OSAI Open Control
Transmission X and Y axis
High speed helical rack and pinion
Transmission Z axis
Precision ball screw
1,700 ipm speed X and Y
1,968 ipm
Air floatation
Delta servo motors
Tool changer
Manual quick change

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