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An extremely economical moving gantry CNC router, the R200 comes with no hidden extras. While the base model payment is less than a truck payment, there are no short cuts regarding quality.


Tool changers, drill head options and various table sizes make the R300 moving gantry CNC router a flexible option for companies large and small. Standard HSD motors power through the most demanding applications, whether they be one-offs or large batches. Fully loaded with no surprises.


With multiple levels of automation for the loading and removal of finished parts, the R400 moving gantry CNC router reduces down-time while providing an ergonomic environment for employees. The R400 series improves plant efficiency and reduces work in progress, making this series an incredible value.


This heavy-duty moving gantry CNC router provides an excellent base for customization. Ideal for various dense hardwood materials, composites and plastics, the R500’s large table size and spindle configurations make it ideal for deep cuts and complex profiles.