CNC Routers, Sanders & Table Saws for Auto & Marine Manufacturing

Automotive and marine manufacturers trust NEXTech’s machines for precision complex part machining. With a full line of affordable CNC routers that include moving gantry and fixed bridge five axis CNC machines, we can fit your production needs with a stand-alone machine or one that integrates seamlessly into your process. Each CNC router comes with state-of-the-art components without finicky gimmicks and the standard G-code controller interfaces with most CAD/CAM packages. NEXTech table saws offer the flexibility to cut any substrate at any thickness dependably and accurately. NEXTech’s family of sanders offers a flawless finish on your end product whether it’s wood, PVC, glass, fiberglass, or composites. NEXTech is ready to help you reduce waste and maximize your efficiency and process for higher production.

Recommended Machine for Auto & Marine Manufacturing

5 Axis CNC

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