CORNELIUS, NC — NEXTech Machinery, a Cornelius, NC-based company specializing in precision machinery that provides affordable, strategic solutions, has introduced its new R400 moving gantry CNC router with auto loading and unloading, which enables woodworking shops and plastics manufacturers to improve efficiency and throughput.

“All of NEXTech’s CNC routers including the R400 have been tested and proven in diverse industries in the most challenging operating conditions around the world,” said Tony Cannon, Senior Vice President, NEXTech Machinery. “Our machines are equipped with best-in-class components from widely respected, state-of-the-art companies. The fact that more than 1,800 units are manufactured each year illustrate that these machines provide quality and reliability at a great price.”

The NEXTech R400 moving gantry CNC router reduces downtime while adding different levels of automation for the loading and removal of finished parts. Remote diagnostics ensure maximum uptime, while label printing provides further opportunities to enhance the work cell. The R400 is the latest in an extensive portfolio of NEXTech CNC routers that includes flat-table CNC routers either with or without automation, flexible pod & rail centers, space-saving vertical drilling and routing machines, and five-axis machines with moving table or gantries designed to cut all types of materials in a multitude of industries.

In addition to CNC routers, NEXTech also manufactures edgebanders, sanders and panel saws designed to make businesses more efficient at a price that allows any company to take advantage of the latest technologies. NEXTech’s staff is comprised of woodworking industry veterans who have the experience to make excellent recommendations on using automation to improve the production process. These woodworking veterans also handpick each machine line from OEM’s that focus only on their specific machine categories (CNC routers, edgebanders, sanders, panel saws, etc.) and have sold thousands of machines around the world.

NEXTech was founded to help woodworking shops and plastics manufacturers add more power and flexibility to their production lines with well-built machines equipped with all the essential features they need. NEXTech’s design, quality, price and service go above and beyond industry standards. Each machine incorporates top-of-the-line components that provide even greater long-term security. Reliable service, parts and support in the United States are delivered from NEXTech’s headquarters in Cornelius, NC. NEXTech machines focus on key features to keep overall costs affordable for small shops, eliminating the need to pay the massive overhead and machine markup associated with most woodworking machinery suppliers.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, visit the company website at or call 704-307-2670.


Tony Cannon, Senior Vice President, NEXTech Machinery
18619 Starcreek Dr, Cornelius, NC 28031